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Building Doctor/Patient Relationships Via Telehealth

While the notion of telehealth may seem deeply impersonal, it offers a faster, more effective way to connect and communicate with physicians near you. So much of the traditional healthcare system depends on time. In order to navigate the system, you need time–and a lot of it. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have time to [...]

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Happening Now: What a Second Wave of the Flu Could Mean

When it comes to flu season, there’s some good news and bad news to report. The good news is that we’re over the hump of flu season and that most areas will start to see a plunge in the number of flu cases reported. On the other hand, there’s a whole new virus to look [...]

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Telecare Will Grow with Blockchain

A common misconception is that the terms “telemedicine,” “telecare” and “telehealth” are interchangeable. Each of these terms refers to a different way of administering health care using existing technologies or a different area of medical technology. New healthcare technologies are important for the general population’s health, but secure storage of digitally accessed patient data and [...]

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Maintaining Doctor-Patient Relationships in the Digital Era

In the digital age, we’re more connected than ever, but at the same time, we’re less likely to have real, human contact than we were pre-internet. This is especially true in the medical realm, where it’s possible to receive top-tier care without ever having to set foot inside a medical facility. All the major players [...]

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Make Your EHR System Smarter, Faster, and Able to Run Itself

Physicians are Busy…and Tired. Input updated patient information and vitals. Review past chart notes. Ask for any external doctor or urgent care notes from the patient. Order a prescription. Order a lab test. Retrieve lab tests. Set follow-up appointment with patient to review lab results. Submit to insurance for payment. Submit remainder of bill [...]

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