3 HIPAA Compliance Myths All Physicians Should be Aware of (And What to Do About them)

Compliance is critical to the operation of your healthcare business.  If you don’t meet the required standards of HIPAA, you’re jeopardizing the very survival of your entire business operation and risk being shut down. Compliance has many myths. Due to its ever-changing rules,  healthcare compliance often changes before businesses can even adapt to new rules [...]

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What Every DME Supplier Should Know About Power Mobility Documentation

There is no hiding it....the Medicare criteria required for determining patient need for a power mobility device (like a scooter or power wheelchair)  is both overwhelming, complex and requires a lot of documentation.   The Problem: So Complicated! A power mobility device (PMD) is near impossible to prescribe due to the numerous steps in the [...]

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Common Problems with Orthotics Bracing Documentation – and How to Fix Them

Suppliers and practitioners alike experience frustration and roadblocks when completing orthotic bracing documentation for patients. Here are some common pain points felt throughout the industry, and some helpful ways to address them. Problem #1: Lack of Complete and Correct Documentation Have you ever been engaged in a game of ping pong over insufficient documentation for [...]

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