3 HIPAA Compliance Myths All Physicians Should be Aware of (And What to Do About them)

Compliance is critical to the operation of your healthcare business.  If you don’t meet the required standards of HIPAA, you’re jeopardizing the very survival of your entire business operation and risk being shut down. Compliance has many myths. Due to its ever-changing rules,  healthcare compliance often changes before businesses can even adapt to new rules [...]

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3 Ways for HME’s to Reduce DSO’s (Days of Sales/Signatures Outstanding) 

Many HME Companies inadvertently focus on billing practices as the primary reason for their high days of sales outstanding (DSOs) but that's not always the case. Here are a few of the most common problems along with some practical solutions to help reduce your DSO's. Problem #1) Incomplete Documentation Never deliver equipment or service to [...]

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HealthSplash makes a splash in the community by advocating the need for transparency

HealthSplash Founder Ignites Campaign to Get People to Own Their Own Data #YouOwnYou: Healthcare Disruptor is Transforming Healthcare through Blockchain and Giving Control Back to the Patient Overland Park, KS (January 22, 2018) Brett Blackman, founder, and CEO of HealthSplash, begins his mission to promote changing healthcare through blockchain technology on Thursday, January 25th at the Crypto [...]

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HealthSplash Acquires DME Documentation Company PMDRX/DMERX

Healthcare Disruptor Adds Growing Compliance Software Company to its Transformative Technology Platform Paola, KS(September 13,2017) - HealthSplash an emerging digital healthcare technology disruptor, announced today that it has acquired DMERX, the DME documentation compliance solution for prescribing practitioners, therapists, and DME suppliers The purchase of DMERX/PMDRX(Power Mobility Doctor Rx), a rapidly growing, seven-year-old multi-faceted [...]

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