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Roxie brings 14 years of healthcare industry experience to HealthSplash. As Product Manager, she helps oversee many of the projects that are wrapped into HealthSplash and its offerings. She continues to offer and support current solutions for solving today’s healthcare challenges while preparing and incorporating tomorrow’s technology to revolutionize healthcare. As Vice President of Business Development for Jaysec Technologies and ResMed Corp, Roxie helped pioneer the Home Medical Equipment industry. Jaysec’s product, GoJaysec is the industry’s first web-based referral software. Her previous experience includes consulting and supporting more than 5,000 physicians and implementing e-referrals to streamline the referral process between referral sources and their suppliers - resulting in servicing patients more efficiently.

The Top 3 Staggering HME Prior Authorization Challenges that will Blow your Mind

Home Medical Equipment (HME) can be vital to patient survival. In the forefront in healthcare,  Prior Authorization (PA) needs a considerable amount of attention to streamline efficiencies for prescribing HME.  A staggering 91% of all care delays occur because of issues with the PA process, according to an AMA conducted survey. Prior Authorization requirements are [...]

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3 Ways for HME’s to Reduce DSO’s (Days of Sales/Signatures Outstanding) 

Many HME Companies inadvertently focus on billing practices as the primary reason for their high days of sales outstanding (DSOs) but that's not always the case. Here are a few of the most common problems along with some practical solutions to help reduce your DSO's. Problem #1) Incomplete Documentation Never deliver equipment or service to [...]

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