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Gary brings more than 45 years of healthcare experience to the table. He spent the majority of his career as a respiratory therapist, and later in his career started two businesses revolving around DME. Gary was the founder of PMDRX, which later converted to DMERX, and is today the basis for the SplashRx portion of the HealthSplash brand. His knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry allows him to discover new trends and identify where there are the biggest needs for technology innovation.

What Healthcare Providers Should Know About Competitive Bid for PMD

Medicare’s competitive bidding program has been delayed until 2021, with the possibility of the open window extending even longer than the next two years.

What Every DME Supplier Should Know About Power Mobility Documentation

There is no hiding it....the Medicare criteria required for determining patient need for a power mobility device (like a scooter or power wheelchair)  is both overwhelming, complex and requires a lot of documentation.   The Problem: So Complicated! A power mobility device (PMD) is near impossible to prescribe due to the numerous steps in the [...]

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