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“America’s health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.” – Walter Cronkite

Our Mission

The HealthSplash Mission is to instantly deliver healthcare data to the right person at the right time to save lives.

Our Vision

The HealthSplash Vision is a world free from the suffering of preventable diseases.

Meet Our Team.


Brett Blackman
Founder, CEO
Ron Sloop
Founder, CTO
Mike Duncan

Board of Directors

Ron Sloop
Brandon Blackman
Product Manager, Consumer Division
Gary Cox
Founder of DMERX

Board of Advisors

Jeff Lewandowski
Andrew Reise, Customer Experience
Josh Hilgers
Andrew Reise, Program Delivery
Francisco Guerra
Patient Experience and Community
Robert (Bob) Donnelli
Investor Relations


Greg Schreck
President, Institutional Division

Toni DeLanoy
Vice President, Clinical Division

Bryan Gordon
Project Manager Officer

Roxie Murray
Project Manager

Lana Hitt
Chief of Staff

Kris Rogers

Joyce Cox
Compliance Officer

Brandon Blackman
Product Manager, Consumer Division

Kelley Bugler
Communications Director

Dai Barth
Client Services

Courtney Croteau
Client Services Coordinator

Julie Lafon

Melissa Richardson
Clinical Liaison

Paul Toman
Senior Engineer

Randy Schultz
General Counsel

Nick Haynes

Eric Groves

Neil Sumanda

Karen Mari
Onboarding Specialist

Jay Swob
General Counsel

Behind the Scenes with the HealthSplash Team