1 Connect to One Connect to All. Keep your practice up to date as technology continues to develop! For example, HealthSplash acts as a homogeneous access point for wearable devices to enable mobile monitored care for your patients. Let HealthSplash bridge the gap between new Information Technology and your clinic.

2 HealthSplash Health Record. Access your patient’s self-reported medical history and electronic medical records with a simple tap of a button! HealthSplash Health Records facilitate quality diagnosis and helps to avoid duplicate services, conflicts between medication, and wasteful spending on patient care.

3 HealthSplash Compliance. Our HealthSplash compliance tools enables you to significantly reduce errors and inconsistencies often associated with billings to Medicare and Medicaid, and other insurance companies. HealthSplash supports a multitude of claims data and eligibility criteria, along with bi-directional data auditing capabilities, to ensure you stay up to date with the industry’s stringent reporting and billing requirements.

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